In the era of digital transformation, it is understood that inventory management plays a key role in all eCommerce businesses.

Zoho Inventory successfully enables to control cost of your operations. Knowing what you have, what is in your warehouse, and how to manage the supply chain properly is the backbone of the business and here is where the inventory management solution comes into place that helps to keep the record of every single transaction.

Multi and Omni Channel

All business must support omnichannel sales (multiple interaction points for the same business e.g., app, desktop, social media etc.). In addition, the option to do multichannel sales (e.g., company eCommerce Site in Shopify, Amazon, and Physical Store) is also very interactive. Through Zoho Inventory, these options are available.

Separating Supply Chain from Sales

To support the above and bring about excellence, businesses must separate supply chain from Sales. All purchase, management, shipping of inventory should be done centrally for all channels. This creates a center of excellent and supply chain managers can focus on improving this function alone.

While sales team can focus on generating revenue by creating more channels, in more locations, through more brands etc. All issues of stock synchronization can be taken care by the system.

It is pertinent to note, as of now Zoho does not provide rack management feature in their warehouse function. Which means, it cannot track the location of every single unit placed in the warehouse by rack and area.