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At ITEG we provide world-class complete IT managed service, It includes devices (laptops, mobile and accessories), apps (Finance, CRM, HR, Projects and Office productivity like Outlook, Word, Excel), branding (logo, website, cards), connectivity and more with zero Capex (you only pay monthly).

Whether you are one employee or 50, our solution fits your needs and grows with you. Our offerings suit existing and new Small and Medium Enterprises. We promise to reduce your IT cost and enable you to focus on your business and increase your chances of success

Frequently Asked Question

What happens if we already have devices (laptops, screens)?
You can either sell your devices to us or keep using them (which will reduce your bill) till their end of life.
Can we choose the size of the screens or configuration of laptops?

We have standard categories for each, you can select amongst them. Any specific need can also be catered to for special cases.

What happens if a device is stops working?
If a device stops functioning properly for any reason (defect or office accident) we will simply provide you with another device (fair usage applies), we promise you will not lose any data due to this.
What if we already have CRM, Finance, HR or Projects system implemented?

You can either continue using these applications, they will not be added to your package and your billing will reflect the same.

Or you can choose to move to ITEG recommended cloud applications at the start of your contract or during a later stage (e.g. when renewal of your app is due). Our bill will always reflect the services that you are using.

Which Applications are part of the package?

We recommend Zoho applications for SME, it has suite of integrated apps that are best suited for our clients. However, our client’s interest is paramount and we keep researching for the best suited apps.

What kind of office infrastructure is required?

We do not need any IT infrastructure implemented in your organization, we just need internet connectivity (which we can manage for you and add to your package). You do not need servers, firewalls, or advanced routers to have a safe and secure environment.

In fact, we believe these are a threat as they need to be managed, configured, upgraded and are a cost item that is not needed.

What happens when i decide to cancel the service?

Your billing will stop within 30 days, we will provide your data back to you and simply take away your devices.

Will our data be safe?

Your data will be safe and secure in a cloud environment that has Enterprise Security features. All the apps in the package are the best in class and being used by customers all over the world. Your data will be far safer than any on premises solution.

You will move from a fragmented environment to consolidated environment with enterprise security features and applications.

Our Current IT support vendor charges a small amount , why should we move to you?
What we offer is IT Enablement as a service, our package should be compared to your Full IT Spend including devices, applications (licenses, implementation, support, and servers where applicable), windows, and office productivity tools cost (Office 365), and other direct or indirect costs. In addition, our experts have many years of experience working with organization leadership, in many industries and technologies. We understand how IT can be used to add value to your organization’s goals instead of being a cost center. This is the advisory experience we believe holds great value for our clients.
Can i add or remove users during the service period?

You can add and remove users based on your companies need, our services and cost will scale up and down with you as needed and the commitment always for a month.

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