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World class vehicle booking and dispatch system. Cutting edge dispatch and booking systems, Cab Treasure improve operational capabilities, communication performance and productivity monitoring through one of a kind software and bespoke applications.
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World Class Dispatch Solutions

Press play with our industry leading fully automated cloud bookings from anywhere and everywhere, at the tip of your fingers!

  • Cloud Base Solutions
  • Access Cab Treasure systems from web browser or mobile applications
  • Enjoy limitless remote access providing your business and employees with complete flexibility

iPhone and Android Driver App

Stay on top of service and requests at the tap of a button

  • Efficient request systems based on driver location and proximity
  • Improved service monitoring with driver rating and feedback functionalities

  • Streamlined customer communication with automated arrival or location text messages

Customer App

Offer your customers a streamlined and efficient service; allow them to book trips, view prices and estimated drives times via a seamless, mobile application

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • White label options available

  • Fully integrated and secure payment gateways for on demand transactions

  • Automated driver tracking with precise ETA

  • Improve client satisfaction and safety with published driver details and tracking

Cab Tracker

Customisable mobile application to keep your customers clued up. Happier customers through clarity; happier drivers through automation and simplicity.

  • Trackable drivers, offering minute by minute monitoring with real time GPS tracking

  • Driver profile with vehicle information

  • Driver to customer communication via the application

Track Driver

Improve operational performance, job allocation and service satisfaction by tracking driver location, route efficiency and customer feedback.

Driver Connect

Automated communication with high quality service, at all times

  • Send messages to customers from the registered office telephone number to inform them of arrival updates or journey delays.

Flight Tracker

  • Automated customer flight updates integrated within driver application.

  • Available for passenger drop off or pickup

Website Booker

Instant bookings integrated into cloud dispatch systems with just three clicks, from any application or location

  • Seamless payment integration

  • White label options available

  • Multi-language option

  • Edit, amend or cancel bookings from member login

  • SEO Optimised and integrated with dipatch system

Payment Methods


Connect the SumUp Card Reader via Bluetooth with the free Cab Treasure app on your smartphone or tablet and accept card payments from your clients.

  • Grow your business by accepting car payments today

  • Pay through PayPal and all major payment integrations on the SumUp device

  • Start accepting payments in minutes

  • No more spending time stopping at cash machines

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We also provide application development services for white labeling, booking, delivery and

dispatch system for other industries like food, services delivery, goods transport services

etc. Please speak to a representative to find out how our technologies can help benefit your


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