Executive Summary

This case study highlights how Nashville Money Guys collaborated with IT Enablers Global (ITEG) to digitize their lending services through Zoho, a cloud-based platform. Utilizing Zoho’s suite of applications, including CRM, Mail, WorkDrive, Campaigns, Survey, and Social, the company centralized borrower data, streamlined loan documentation, and optimized email communication. The project has significantly improved operational efficiency, enabling Nashville Money Guys to focus on business expansion.


Nashville Money Guys is a private lender specializing in DSCR rental loans for real estate investors across the Southeast. The company aims to build long-term relationships with investors, deliver high-quality services, and foster community development through strategic investments, one at a time.

Problem Statement

Nashville Money Guys encountered multiple operational challenges:

  • Digitizing borrower records.
  • Managing loan documents.
  • Website and social media management.
  • Collecting borrower feedback.
  • Email-based marketing for Borrowers.
  • Email service management.

To address these issues, the company engaged ITEG for consultancy and implementation of a centralized, cloud-based system.


ITEG advised the adoption of Zoho’s SaaS-based ERP software, which is designed to address a wide array of operational challenges in diverse sectors, including lending services. Solutions and corresponding Zoho applications included:

  • A centralized database for borrower records.
  • Social media management application.
  • Feedback collection system.
  • Email marketing platform.
  • A cloud-based Document management and creation applicationsfor borrower and lender records.

ITEG’s role was crucial in tailoring Zoho One to meet ActiveFiler’s unique needs.


ITEG executed a comprehensive implementation of the Zoho software suite, encompassing the integration of various applications and staff training. Components included:

  • Zoho CRM: Employed to establish a centralized database to manage borrower and lender profiles efficiently.
  • Zoho Writer: Utilized as a cloud-based editor to streamline the creation of loan documentation.
  • Zoho Social: Integrated for one-stop management of all social media channels.
  • Zoho Survey: Deployed to collect borrower feedback systematically and enhance customer engagement.
  • Zoho Campaigns: Implemented to manage and run targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Zoho WorkDrive: Selected for secure and organized storage of all borrower and lender documents.
  • Zoho Mail: Integrated for streamlined email communication and management.

This phase also included necessary customizations and configurations to fit ActiveFiler’s specific requirements.


The Zoho implementation has markedly improved Nashville Money Guys’ operational efficiency, enhancing both borrower and lender experiences. The new cloud-based system has digitized and streamlined internal processes, empowering the company to concentrate on business growth.

Customer Feedback


Highly recommend giving them a chance!

Muhammed and the team at itenablers have been great. They custom-designed Zoho to make my business run exactly the way I needed it to. Highly recommend giving them a chance!

– Jason Dodge, Member at Nashville Money Guys