Empower Your Business for Success:
Automate Sales Processes and Achieve Growth with Zoho CRM

What will you learn?

(Key Topics Covered)

Company Overview

Introduction to IT Enablers Global, its vision, and advisory driven SME approach.

Need for a CRM

Discover why it is important to have a robust CRM system for your business.

Explore Zoho

What is Zoho and why is it the No. 1 ERP solution for SMEs and Startups?

CRM Implementation

Have a free Zoho CRM Demo and get to know the best practices for successful CRM implementation and integration.

Inspiring Success Stories

Have our presenters discuss real-world case studies and success stories of businesses that have achieved remarkable results with Zoho CRM.

Who Should Attend?

Business Visionaries

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to streamline their sales and customer management processes.

Startup Innovators

Startups in the decision phase of selecting a CRM system for their company.

Frustrated CRM Users

Businesses that are already using a CRM which is complex and expensive but are not achieving the desired results.

Customer-Centric Marketers

Sales and marketing professionals seeking to enhance their customer engagement strategies.

Strategic Decision-Makers

Managers and decision-makers interested in understanding the potential of CRM software for their organization.

Why Should You Join?

Learn from Industry Experts

Get invaluable insights from business leaders who have enabled around 100+ businesses to digitally transform their business through the implementation of Zoho.

Kickstart your Digital Transformation Journey

Learn to make your business productive and accelerate your business towards success.

Advanced Partner of Zoho

ITEG is an Advanced Partner of Zoho which has received a “Key Contributor – UAE” award for its exceptional performance in the MENA region.

Exclusive CRM Offers

Access special offers and discounts on Zoho CRM packages available exclusively for webinar attendees.

Register for a Free Consultation

The attendees of the webinar will be given access to Free Consultation with our business specialist for a quick business evaluation.

Our Partners

Our Speakers

Muhammad Ammar

Zoho Cloud Application Consultant
IT Enablers Global

Ubaid Ul Haq

Zoho Cloud Solutions Specialist
IT Enablers Global

Zohaib Abrar

IT Enablers Global

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