Executive Summary

DubiCars, the fastest-growing online car market in the UAE, was struggling with its current CRM which was a mixture of a big-name CRM and an in-house product, it needed a robust CRM system to manage its customer management process efficiently along with reducing its IT License expenses. After an analysis, IT Enablers Global advised the business to switch to Zoho CRM, a centralized cloud-based system, and related services, such as Zoho Campaigns for email marketing and Zoho Survey for customer feedback.
This resulted in streamlined operations, improved data management, and informed business decisions, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Zoho’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and API-based system enabled DubiCars to make significant strides in the competitive market, establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the export market.

About DubiCars

DubiCars, which was established in 2014 and relaunched in 2018, has become the fastest-growing online car market in the UAE, serving buyers and sellers across the Emirates and generating the largest demand for exports in the region. DubiCars is the only independently owned marketplace in the UAE that is solely focused on cars, providing a unique advantage in terms of transparency, data sharing, and insights for the industry.

Unlike other marketplaces, DubiCars does not sell its products that compete with dealers or have conflicting interests to consider. With more than 470 showrooms active on its web and mobile apps, DubiCars is the undisputed market leader, particularly in the export market. It attracts over three million searches per month, providing access to real-time data from genuine buyers and sellers. With cuttingedge technology and strong partnerships with dealers, DubiCars is well-positioned to transform the market.

Problem Statement

With such a huge influence in the Online Car market, it was evident that DubiCars would be needing a robust CRM system to manage their entire customer management process. Well, the business used popular cloud-based software; however, it proved to be expensive in terms of renewing the licenses. However, other issues were highlighted during our business analysis:

  • Their pre-existing CRM was only One-Way integrated with their backend database
  • Items in packages could not be selected to push to the backend unless selected individually
  • Export Safe, a business model through which a customer’s car was exported as per request, needed to be automated
  • There was no Database Management System for Export Safe (a service related to the export of cars that they were offering to their customers) leads
  • A follow-up mechanism needed to be established to qualify leads into customers
  • API-based integration needed to be formed on the website to enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications
  • There was a need for better Analytics to take calculated decisions to guide the trajectory of the business

Solution Implemented

ITEG advised the client to have a centralized cloud-based CRM system, an alternative to their previous CRM. Following are the solutions provided to the client concerning the problems identified:

  • Centralized cloud-based CRM for both business models
          ◦ Catering to duplicate leads
         ◦ Setting up a process to engage lost leads
         ◦ API-based integration to maintain the record in the database and in CRM
         ◦ Two-Way integration of CRM with backend database to reduce data  redundancy
  • Creation of custom assignment rules for the sales team based on Time, Working Day, and Location
  • A platform to create, run, and analyze email campaigns
  • A robust system to take customer feedback
  • Visitor tracking from the website for remarketing purposes
  • Classified Management System for cars

The implementation included two-way backend integration, API-based integration of website forms with the CRM, and custom-developed assignment rules. Additionally, DubiCars also implemented Zoho Campaigns for email marketing, Zoho Survey for customer feedback, and Zoho Sales IQ for online visitor tracking for remarketing purposes and to further streamline their customer management process.


The implementation of Zoho CRM and related services provided by IT Enablers Global has brought significant improvements to DubiCars’ customer management process. By replacing the expensive CRM software with Zoho CRM, DubiCars was able to reduce costs while still maintaining an effective CRM system.

As a result of the implementation, DubiCars experienced improved efficiency in their customer management process, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. They were able to streamline their operations and make more informed business decisions based on real-time data. DubiCars also reported an increase in website traffic and a higher engagement rate from their email marketing campaigns.

Having implemented a robust system stack, DubiCars is now assured that its expanding needs are met, allowing the business to concentrate on advancement toward the next level of growth.