IT Enablers Global specializes in mobile application development services. We thrive to provide a unique and user-friendly mobile interface to customers worldwide. With a deep knowledge and expertise in developing world-class mobile applications, our mission is to develop applications with the best UI and UX for users.

iOS mobile app development services

IT Enablers Global develops diverse and flexible designed iOS applications. Our dynamic mobile app development strategies will surely exceed your expectations.

Android mobile app development services

Our android application development services give a reliable product that appeals to the user visiting the platform. We are always dedicated to fulfilling our client’s expectations by developing unique mobile apps

Basic App Package

Around 5 Screens

Around 5 Integrations

Only simple validations on device

No offline storage of data

Timeline – Within 2 months

Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer

QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)

1 Project Manager

Standard App Package

Around 10 Screens

Around 10 Integrations

Simple business logic for Validations / Calculations / Chart Data etc.

Some local storage of data

Timeline – Within 4 months

Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer

QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)

1 Project Manager

Premium App Package

Around 20 Screens

Around 20 Integrations

Complex business logic like Interactive Charts, Animations, Validations, Conditions etc.

Complete local storage of data used by App

Timeline – Within 6 months

Team consists of: Dev Team –

1 Developer (full time) QA Team

1 Test Engineer (shared)

1 Project Manager

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Communication is an essential element of every project. Hence, before transforming the client’s visualization into a reality, we discuss the project.


UI/UX is an important part of a mobile app. Our main goal is to make an excellent user experience mobile app that is user friendly. Our designing team builds the interface of the mobile app.


After developing the mobile app, our Quality Assurance team make sure that the app is in stable condition. For this, the mobile app goes through different testing phases to ensure that the quality of the mobile app is maintained.


Once the mobile app is ready, we launch the live mobile app at different app stores. Our support team is always available to help the users understand the app. After submitting your app to the app stores, you may seek our help for any fixes or updates required to improve experience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

We believe in advisory. Our goal is to ensure that our clients
make the best decisions for their business. We will not
make promises to get sales; however, our approach to sales is
through advisory.

How will you get the requirements from me?

We share a requirements sheet where you can talk about
your brand, vision, and share competitors’ info for us to
get inspiration on what your digital brand identity could
be so that it gets reflected in the application. Alternatively, we can get
into a meeting and understand the same from you if you are comfortable this way.

Is it really unlimited revision?

Yes, our experience suggests the client needs this comfort, and the mobile application does require updates in a pre and post-beta launch until the final app has finally been developed. We tend to stick to the client’s brief and recommend changes or updates according to the nature of the business. Once a client approves the recommendations, then only do we proceed with the changes.


Client will hold 100% ownership right of the application. We handover the source code once the project is completed.


You can ask for a refund anytime before we handover the editable design files to you. We will provide 100% refund.


A mobile application is an essential tool to engage the audience and ensure convenience for customers to access the platform through their smartphones. A mobile application comes at a later process of a digital transformation journey of a brand.

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