Executive Summary

This case study details the successful collaboration between IT Enablers Global (ITEG) and ActiveFiler, utilizing Zoho’s SaaS ERP Suite (Zoho One) to enhance ActiveFiler’s operational efficiency and customer engagement. This partnership has streamlined ActiveFiler’s business processes and resolved various operational challenges.


ActiveFiler, a platform designed to simplify tax matters in Pakistan, offers services such as NTN registration and tax filing for individuals and businesses. However, their lack of a centralized cloud-based system hindered operational efficiency. ITEG, known for its expertise in Zoho solutions, partnered with ActiveFiler to address these issues.

Problem Statement

ActiveFiler faced several operational challenges:

  • Inefficient data management due to lack of cloud storage.
  • Discrepancies in account management.
  • Uncoordinated handling of customer inquiries.
  • Lack of follow-up reminders for leads and contacts.
  • Ineffective email-based marketing strategies.
  • Unstructured social media management.
  • Absence of an interactive chatbot for website visitors.
  • No digital forms for data collection.

These issues impacted both their operational capabilities and customer satisfaction.


ITEG recommended Zoho One for its ability to streamline operations across various sectors. The
solution included:

  • A centralized database for leads and customers.
  • Digital forms for efficient data collection.
  • An email marketing platform for improved engagement.
  • Visitor tracking on the website for better insights and follow-ups.
  • A 24/7 chatbot to address customer concerns.

ITEG’s role was crucial in tailoring Zoho One to meet ActiveFiler’s unique needs.


The implementation of Zoho software was meticulous, involving:

  • Zoho CRM: Integrating disparate lead sources, Webform Integration, Designing Email Templates, and Customization as per unique requirements.
  • Zoho Forms: Implementing Digital Forms to facilitate data collection.
  • Zoho Campaigns: Setting up an Email Marketing platform to manage and to execute targeted email marketing campaigns based on distinct segments.
  • Zoho Social: Centralizing social media management under a single window, including Post Scheduling and Direct Messaging functionalities.
  • Zoho SalesIQ: Integrating Website chatbot for real-time visitor interaction and query resolution.

This phase also included necessary customizations and configurations to fit ActiveFiler’s specific requirements.


The ITEG and ActiveFiler partnership led to:

  • A notable boost in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Refined data management and inquiry handling through a centralized database.
  • Improved lead and contact follow-ups with structured reminders and a unified email marketing platform.
  • Enhanced visitor engagement with a chatbot and digital forms.
  • Better social media management, improving online client relationships.

Wherever possible, quantifiable improvements were observed, like a significant percentage increase in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The case study highlights the impactful transformation of ActiveFiler’s operations through ITEG’s customized Zoho One solution. This collaboration not only resolved existing challenges but also set the stage for scalable growth and improved customer relations.