“A medical institute digitize their healthcare and education services for increased efficiency and improved outcomes”

Executive Summary

This case study highlights how Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) partnered with IT Enablers Global (ITEG) to implement Zoho, a cloud-based solution, to digitize their healthcare and education services around CRM and Internal Support. With the implementation of Zoho CRM, SalesIQ, Social, Campaigns, Desk, Survey, and Meetings, RMI was able to centralize their patients’ and students’ records, manage patient queries efficiently, and communicate seamlessly through WhatsApp and SMS. This implementation allowed RMI to streamline and automate its internal processes, and allowed them to focus its efforts on expanding its business.


RMI is a state-of-the-art tertiary care medical facility located at the western gateway of Khyber in Pakistan. Founded in 2002, RMI has revolutionized the concept of medical care in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa, providing preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services to patients from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The hospital offers quality support services to provide ease during indoor treatment and hospital visits. Patients can access their digitized health records and laboratory diagnostic reports and get confirmations of consultant appointments through SMS and WhatsApp. Recently, RMI has launched home health services to provide rehabilitation house calls, lab sample collections, and nursing services for patients who cannot travel to the hospital.

Problem Statement

RMI faced several challenges in managing healthcare and education services effectively. Some of these challenges are as follows:

  • Digitization of Patient Health Records
  • Digitization of Student Records
  • Managing Patient Complaints
  • Booking Appointments for Onsite and Offsite Consultation
  • Handling Customer Care Calls
  • Managing social media and Website
  • Taking Patient Feedback
  • Marketing through Emails to Patients and Students
  • Managing HealthCare and Education departments separately
  • WhatsApp/SMS communication

RMI sought the help of ITEG, a Cloud Business Application expert to advise them on the best solution to the problems they were facing and through a cloud-based centralized system for their facility for effective management of operations.


To address these challenges, ITEG advised and implemented Zoho SaaS-based ERP software, offering a range of cloud-based solutions for its healthcare and education sectors. Following are the solutions provided to the company and Zoho applications that were implemented to address them:

  • A cloud-based centralized solution to maintain patients’ and students’ databases.
  • A cloud-based ticket management system to handle the patient (and visitor) queries
  • Seamless patient and student communication/marketing through WhatsApp integration and API-based SMS integration with CRM
  • An application to manage all social media platforms for Healthcare and Education
  • A robust system to take feedback from the patients (and visitors)
  • A platform for email marketing for Healthcare and Education
  • Chatbot implementation for lead generation and connecting with live chat agents
  • A way to implement Telemedicine (Online Consultation) to address patient queries


After devising the solution for RMI’s challenges, ITEG embarked on the implementation journey of the proposed cloud-based system, Zoho, for the institution. The implementation process was comprehensive, involving the integration of several Zoho applications, third-party integrations, and training of the staff, which lasted for eight months. Moreover, online and onsite training of the team in Peshawar was given to ensure smooth operations during and after the implementation of the system.

Following are the software and pieces of training involved:

    • Implementation of Zoho application:

• Zoho CRM to maintain an accurate record of its patients and students in a centralized system
• Zoho Desk, a cloud-based ticket management system, enabling the institution to manage patient and student queries more effectively, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing response time
• Zoho Social for one-window management of all social media platforms
• Zoho SalesIQ to provide customer support to patients, students, or visitors on the website
• Zoho Survey to take feedback from its patients effectively to increase patient and student engagement
• Zoho Campaigns for designing, managing, and executing Email Campaigns
• Zoho Meetings to provide telemedicine (Online Consultation) services to patients who cannot travel to the hospital

  • Third-party integration through Woztell for WhatsApp Business automation to facilitate more straightforward and more efficient communication between the institution and its patients and students.
  • API-based integration with the local service provider for SMS


Implementing Zoho software and its services led to significant improvements in RMI’s operations, resulting in better patient and student experiences, increased efficiency, and improved outcomes for the institution, patients, and students. The implementation has enabled RMI to digitize its internal processes and track and manage patient and student queries more effectively.
RMI is now confident that it has a robust system stack that meets its growing needs, enabling the institution to focus on taking the business to the next stage of maturity.

Customer Feedback

ITEG – a Top-Notch partner

Probably the best experience I have got from any IT/services company in the last 10 years. From helping in designing the architecture, identifying the gaps in our processes and delivering the outcome, I have found ITEG a top-notch partner.

Muhammad Faizan Qureshi, Manager Communication, RMI